Rates are $35/ person USD*

SUNBABY offers a variety of water tours for your pleasure. Snorkeling at the Sandy Reef – Prompt and friendly pickup from your choice of locations, whether on the beach side or cliffs. Once at the coral reef, our crew will guide you around and point out all the exciting sea creatures, including starfish, sand dollars, blow fish, octopus, sea cucumber, sting ray, sea turtle, and of course brilliantly colored tropical fish. Captain Roger and his crew swim with you, show you things you won't see by yourself and even pick up starfish and sea cucumbers for you to hold. They are very careful and respectful of the reef and environment.  $30-$35 per person – Group rates and child rates are available.

Rates are $40/ person USD*

An island picnic where you can either bring your own food or enjoy the succulent taste of freshly caught fish and lobster prepared and served just for you. Just off the shore of Negril, this small island is named after the “booby” bird and is a great getaway for you and/or the family.

Rates are $40/ person USD*

There is a reason people come from all over the world to see the beautiful sunset in Negril. Will it be a deep red ball of fire, a bright yellow globe or glistening white beams breaking through the clouds? Each evening is different.  What a magical moment to watch the sun fade into the backdrop of the Sea. 



Rates are $30/ person USD*


See Negril from a different perspective. Enjoy the magnificent view and uniqueness of each hotel, resort, restaurant and guesthouse as you cruise up and down the shore. Sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Negril coastline in the safety and comfort of Captain Roger and his crew.


Cruise on the Negril River where the pelicans hang out and enjoy the mountain view of Jamaica. 

Rates are $50 or $80 / person USD*

Captain Roger will take you to some of the best fishing spots in Negril. Whether a cool early morning venture or an afternoon in the sun, a fishing trip is a great way to enjoy the water and even reel in your some of the island’s freshest cuisine.